We are an honest, Family owned, Australian online retail store based in Melbourne. 

We started off in our garage in March 2012 and originally named The Incense Store Australia , selling a few household items & we always made sure our customers got the best service from us. By personally handling all our customer enquiries, we built confidence & trust with all our customers and have grown to now offer a wide range of products on our website the in new age category such incense,incense cones,incense burners,essential oils and much more.

Our Philosophy

We always strive to build trust with everyone and make sure the best service and experience are offered. How many times did you buy something online and didn't know what happened after that... Things like "where is my item?", or "how do i use or setup the product i just received?", "why is nobody answering my questions?", etc... We know how annoying it is to buy something online and not to be able to reach the seller about anything after that...

Well, this is what us at The Sacred coven being a local store is all about. We are there for you no matter what, and will go the extra mile for you so that you are happy in your experience with us. Yes anything you need you can just "Contact Us" and we are here for you. 

Support Our Aussie Family Business

We would love to get your support for our small family business, so if you already are a customer, we know that you are happy with us, and we would really appreciate your support in spreading the word about The Sa red Coven.

Backflow Incense Burner + 20Pcs Incense Cones free gift

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Backflow Incense Burner + 20Pcs Incense Cones free gift

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